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Power Automation

We are a joint venture formed in 1996 between SP Group and Siemens, providing innovative and cutting edge technologies that help to deliver Power System Control, Substation Automation, Smart Grid and Metering and Protection Systems.

The nature of our company as a partnership is unique in that we are formed between two giants in the industry - which has afforded us with extensive years of experience in the industry, strengthening existing relationships with our clients while forging new and robust ones along the way.

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Smart Grid and Metering

Monitor your services with ease of communication between data centres.

Our Smart Grid and Metering solutions give you a fully customised solution in metering. We are long-established in the industry for metering solutions with strong references.

Starting from system design and implementation to execution and post-sales, we tailor a communications solution for wired and wireless solutions, which help to read and send data between control centres and your system.

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