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Reyrolle 7PG11 to 7PG19 Alpha

The range comprises electro-mechanical relays for a range of auxiliary and tripping functions. Various combinations of coils, contacts, operation indicator flags can be specified. Options are also available for operate and reset modes.

  • 7PG11 AR relays - general auxiliary functions – repeats, indications, scheme logic FR relays
  • 7PG15 TR relays - High speed multi contact tripping relays, available in both high and low burden models. Variants up to 11 contacts.
  • 7PG17 XR relays - Interposing relay for control applications, supply supervision, trip circuit supervision, ferroresonance alarm
  • 7PG18 TR-A relays – High speed multi contact tripping relays, high burden models - 20 contacts only.

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