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SCADA/EMS/ADMS/SOA/GDIM for Large & Medium with IT/OT

Siemens Spectrum Power™ 
SCADA / EMS / ADMS / SOA / GDIM for Large & Medium sized Utilities with IT/OT Integration

Key features
  • Distribution SCADA enables full support of single and three-phase distribution networks, extended tracing for outages, and more
  • Distribution Network Applications (DNA) to estimate fault location and automate service restoration, among others
  • Outage management, storm management, and outage prediction, as well as crew and trouble call management
  • Geospatial network diagrams, including street information and satellite views
  • Open to new Smart Grid business cases and to easy interoperability with any enterprise IT
  • Seamless workflow support with efficient interaction and comprehensive outage views on geospatial and schematic network diagrams
Key benefits
  • Monitors, controls, and optimises distribution network operation to increase operators’ situational awareness, and reduces reaction time
  • Integrates increasing renewable generation while providing high operational efficiency
  • Optimises asset utilisation, with minimal network load and losses
  • Efficiently manages day-to-day maintenance and repair efforts to support reliability of supply
  • Shortens outage restoration times, especially under severe conditions, to ensure reduced service interruption time